Improving Search Engine Results The costs of corectly promoting internet sites is comparable to the cost of other types of promotion. However, site promotion wins in a ratio of cost / result / effect duration. When a person needs information, the better assistant than The search bar will not find him. The user enters words or phrases that reflect the essence of the question, and in response receives a huge number of site with interesting topics. For example, if the user has asked in the search request for sellers of any product and get a list of 2000 articles, in which the address of your life lies somewhere in the thousandth position, then the probability of a transition it is very low. Most users will not go further second or third page of results, so the placement site on the first line or in the top ten on the key demands are an indispensable condition of success of the resource. Thus most effective and least wasteful way to online promotion of your site is through the main search machines. To conduct qualitative promotion is necessary to understand the principles of search engines and directories that will develop a strategy for best use of their capabilities. The main difference between a search engine of the directory is that when indexing pages they use spiders. Spiders (from English. Word 'spider' - a spider) - this multi-functional program, who periodically do 'outing' in the network. They find new or changed pages and index them, ie entered into the database, which is then used to generate search results to a user request.
About Blogs We see for ourselves how blogging, this new branch of Internet, developed extremely rapidly. Only for some few years thousands of blogs already crowded network. The great thing for people visiting the internet is that the blogger is interested to write high-quality and interesting information. In this connection, any user can now find what he needed it on blogs. What they write on blogs? Everything! Now the network of hundreds of thousands of blogs on various topics: program, news, previews, reviews, sensation, interesting facts and unique tips on various topics, assistance in solving problems, just diaries, methods and types of earnings, business, and even blogs have an psychological assistance. The list is endless. You will hardly find a theme that would not have been covered in blogs. The main plus blogs, they are supplemented by daily or even hourly basis, unlike other information sites where the same information may hang for months until the admin does not add anything new. Why blogs are needed and how they can be useful? Blogs help people to solve their problem or satisfy their need. As an example, let's look at the information Blog Press-life.com. On it you can learn about the latest sensational news, learn new facts about celebrities, plunged into the unknown and unbelievable journey after learning the secrets of mysterious events (such as secret Rozuelskogo incident and view the famous alien autopsy video, 1947) and much more. If you do want to highlight any interesting information or news, then you are rewarded for her prizes. There is always competition for the post (article), ie you write a small, interesting post (the author) refers to his administration and it appears in your blog where your news put meter readers. If for a certain period of your post reads more people (ie, your...